What Determines My Insurance Rate


What Determines My Insurance Rate

Firstly, what you pay for an insurance premium depends on several factors. Some factors you can control, like your driving record. However, some you cannot, like your gender. Not all insurance companies have the same parameters. But, here are a few common factors that help determine your insurance rates.

Date Of Birth

Older drivers are less likely to have accidents. Therefore, according to the Insurance Information Institute, insurance companies typically charge more if you have people under 25 listed on the policy.


Statistically, men have more accidents, DUIs, and more serious accidents compared to women. So, men often pay more for auto insurance than women.

Marital Status

Statistically, married couples are less likely to have car accidents and injuries. Because of this, they often pay less than people who are single.


With your zip code, we can check vandalism, theft/accident rates, medical area, repair costs, and the weather in your area. Moreover, all of these can make the costs of your insurance rates go up or down. For instance, people in larger cities tend to pay more than people in rural areas do.

Driving Record

Similarly, a good driving record means a lower premium. So, if you have serious accidents, DUIs or license suspensions, you may pay more for a policy. Or, may even require an SR-22 filing for a number of years.


A vehicle identification number allows us to look up the summary of a car. We do this because the summary includes make and model, body style, engine and transmission type. It also has extra information the insurance company may want to know. This includes if the car has any safety enhancements, breaking systems or recalls that may affect the outcome of an accident.


These are used to assess the risk of insuring a car. Symbol ratings determine the danger of bodily and property injury, and medical costs associated with the specific make and model.

Additional Drivers

Adding drivers may increase or decrease your insurance rates depending on their driving history. If you add a spouse with a good driving record, your insurance costs may go down. If you add a teenager, your insurance costs will go up.

Desired Coverage

Liability coverage is the most economical type of coverage that keeps you in compliance with state law. Adding extra coverage will make your insurance rates go up. These coverages include comprehensive and collision coverage, roadside assistance and rental reimbursement.

More Information 

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