8 Safety Tips For Riding A Motorcycle Through Fog

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Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating if you know what you’re doing and are operating it under safe circumstances. But, even the most skilled motorcycle drivers should be reminded of how important it is to be extra prepared when driving through fog. That’s why we’ve created this guide to 8 safety tips for riding a motorcycle through fog safely.


1. Watch Your Speed

When driving through fog, your visibility becomes incredibly low. So, make sure you aren’t speeding when in fog, not that you should speed at any point in time.

If you speed through the fog, you run a higher risk of getting into an accident with people or objects that suddenly appear.

2. Wear Brightly Colored And/Or Reflective Gear

This will help make you visible to other drivers on or near the road. Your visibility on the road is one of the absolutle most important things when traveling through fog.

3. Take A Familiar Route

If possible, take a route to your destination that you’re familiar with. Being aware of upcoming turns, stop signs, traffic lights, etc. can aid you when riding through fog because these points run a high risk of someone coming into your lane while not paying attention, or vice versa. 

4. Double Check Any Luggage Or Baggage Secured To Your Vehicle

It can be easy for luggage on your bike to get knocked loose and fall off. Whether it be due to a bumpy road or simply you forgot to secure them properly. If something falls off your bike, it can be easy for you to miss it falling off entirely if the fog is greatly obscuring your vision. 

So, to ensure everything makes it to your destination in one piece, if at all, just be sure to double check that it’s secure before you ride off. Additionally, if something falls off your bike, you don’t want another driver running over it because they couldn’t see it through the fog.

5. If You Need To Stop Or Pull Over, Stay As Far Away From The Road As Possible

If you need to pull over, for whatever reason, keep yourself and your bike as far away from the road as possible. This will lessen the chances of a driver hitting you or your vehicle because neither one of you could see each other through the thick fog.

6. Use Your Normal Headlights, Not Your Brights

Your headlights are important to use while driving through fog on the normal setting, not on the brightest setting. When using your high beams in fog, the light will reflect off of the fog in a way that will only make it harder to see through it.

7. Remain Calm & Always Think Clearly

This is a good rule to follow when you’re operating any vehicle at any time on the road. But, when it comes to driving through fog, this tip becomes even more important.

It’s understandable to become nervous when driving through dangerous weather. However, you shouldn’t let it get to you while on the road. If you’re having trouble thinking straight, you may want to pull over to a safe location and either wait for yourself to calm down or wait for the fog to pass.

8. Check Your Mirrors Regularly

Like many tips on this list, this is useful when driving any time of day, on any vehicle, in any conditions. When journeying through fog, you shouldn’t only be aware of the road in front of you. It’s important that you also be aware of what’s happening around and behind you, because not all drivers may be as safe & observant as you.

More Information

If you apply these 8 safety tips for riding a motorcycle through fog, they will make your drives safer and make you feel more secure on the road.
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