Chicago Motorcycle Liability Insurance Is Affected by ZIP Codes, Age, and Gender

by Ed Sneineh, Chicago Insurance Agent

A motorcycle is a motorized vehicle, which implies that it is subject to the same insurance laws and regulations that pertain to other motorized vehicles, including private and commercial autos, trucks, boats and any other motorized vehicles that can utilize public highways. Due to such factor, motorcycle titleholders should abide by the rules of the State regarding their insurance.

  • Limits of Liability Insurance For Motorcycles: In Illinois motorcycle insurance is required to suit the minimum mandatory limits which is a minimum of $20,000 of bodily injury per person, $40,000 bodily injury per accident, and $15,000 property damage per incident. The laws also necessitate similar amounts for uninsured motorists - bodily injuries be added in any motor vehicle policy, including boats insurance and motorcycle insurance policies.
  • The limit of bodily injury and property damage that a motorcycle may trigger to other people in connection with an accident is attached to the power in that motorcycle. For that reason, a motorcycle with 1000 cc costs more to cover for liability than a 250 cc motorcycle.
  • Liability Cost is Low For Motorcycle Insurance: While age of the riders has an effect on the cost of motorcycle insurance, the influence is not as drastic like automobile insurance premiums. Motorcycle collisions cause greatly less damage to other people bodies and properties. There may be important injuries and damage to the motorists or the guests in the back seat as well as to the motorcycle itself, but all of these coverages are not mandatory coverages under state laws.
  • Optional Coverages: Medical payments and insurance on guests riding with the cyclists can be significant, because unlike car crashes, tremendous bodily injury can almost be certain with any motorcycle accident, irrespective of its severity. Also physical damage (comprehensive and collision coverages) are also highly-priced because minor accidents result in substantial damages to the insured motorcycles. Also, it is easier to walk off with a motorcycle than an auto. 's age and sex may be crucial elements in determining the rates of these optional coverages. For that reason, comprehensive and collision coverage on motorcycles with an outstanding loan, lienholder, can be cost difficult for youthful motorists.
  • Rating Elements: Like car insurance, rating a motorcycle insurance is based on ZIP codes, age, sex, marital status, and amounts of liability insurance. Certain insurance carriers will review the credit of the applicant. Other insurance companies may seek the insured to have the auto policy with the same company. In that case, liability limits may have to be similar for both auto and motorcycle policies.
  • Discounts and Extra Charges: Certain insurance carriers may provide credits for motorists with good credits, homeowners discounts, multi account credits, good student discounts, and certain other credits. However surcharges and extra premiums may apply to some bikers with bad driving history or young age. Certain high performance motorcycles may also be surcharged additional premiums for liability coverage.
  • Choosing Motorcycle Insurance: Many insurance carriers offer motorcycle insurance, and each insurance carriers has its own policies and prices. A captive insurance agent can be helpful to provide an insurance solution from one company, his or her company. On the other hand, independent insurance brokers may extend better and more valuable services because they represent many insurance carriers with many insurance plans and choices that may suit more customers.

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