Motorcycle Liability Insurance Is Cheaper Than Auto Liability Insurance

by Ed S. Chicago Motorcycle Insurance Specialist in Illinois

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Chicago Illinois

Despite the fact that the State of Illinois is mandating certain minimum insurance limits for all 'motorized vehicles', liability insurance rates in this State varies based on several factors. Some of these factors are traditional like garaging ZIP code, age, gender, marital status, so on. However other factors are related to the use of the motorized vehicle (ie personal vs commercial use) and weight of the vehicle.

This article will not deal with the issues related to the use of the vehicles and its effects on liability insurance rates. Instead we will try to connect the subject of this article (rates differences for both motorcycle and personal auto insurance) .

Since liability insurance is related to making payments to other people because of bodily injury or property damages the motorist causes to them in connection with a motorized vehicle, rates for such liability is connected in not just the factors that may cause the liability, but also with the amount to be paid in the event that liability occurred.

The weight of a motorcycle is significantly less than the weight of a personal automobile. For that reason, more damages to others can result when an operator negligently causes an auto crash as opposed to motorcycle crash. For that reason, liability insurance for motorcyclists is cheaper than auto insurance for the same motorcyclist. This is very true for the mandatory liability insurance that the State requires.  Furthermore, liability insurance for motorcycles with higher engine displacement (expressed as cubic centimeters or cc) have higher liability insurance rates, because they can cause more damage (more impact power) in case of crash.

The discussion here is strictly about liability insurance. An important, non mandatory, element of liability insurance for motorcyclists is called medical payments (or Med Pay.) Among other things, this coverage pays for bodily injuries to the motorcyclist and/or the guest rider. This coverage is high due to the fact that bodily injuries in motorcycle crashes are massive in nature and almost always require medical treatment.

Shopping for motorcycle liability insurance should always be done diligently because of the several options that you may need, but may not be offered on the quote. Talking to an experienced agent is important because it can save you money and lots of aggravation.

posted on Thursday, March 30, 2017